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Palm Desert Weight Loss and Esthetics Clinic

treating weight lossThe individuals who come to our clinic for weight loss and esthetics have been trying to eat right and exercise, but they just cannot seem to lose the weight. At Synergy Wellness Clinic, we address the root causes of weight gain, which often seem to be a poor functioning thyroid, lack of proper glucose regulation, and heavy Candida build up. Then, we tailor our services to help you discover an individual care plan that gets you on the right path toward optimal wellness.

Patients discuss their additional experiences with brittle nails, sagging skin, and losing hair. We are able to address these concerns through proper yeast detox, natural hormone regulations, and introducing more hyaluronic acid into their regimen. Synergy Wellness Clinic provides personalized care to ensure you receive the treatment that best suits your condition.

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In this video, Dr. Nelson will touch more on these topics.

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