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Synergy Wellness Clinic Customer Testimonials

Learn more about Synergy Wellness Clinic in Palm Desert by checking out the customer testimonials and reviews on this page! Our services help patients feel their best with a natural approach to pain management, weight loss, disease treatment, and more. We have gained plenty of insight and have heard from happy, healthy patients within our 30 years of experience in this industry.

See what our clients are saying:

I’ve struggled with chronic illness for many years starting in childhood.  MCS, CFS, fibromyalgia, migraines, extensive food sensitivities, light and sound sensitivity, autoimmune disease, and terrible skin problems to make a short tally of problems!  My list of “no known cause, no known cure” illnesses became so long I lost faith in medicine.  I finally found two things that worked – learning to avoid mold exposures and the skills of Dr. Nelson.

Both of these approaches have been critical to my dramatic turnaround.  Remarkably, Dr. Nelson believed me when I told him that mold exposure – and avoidance – had changed my life.  He’s supportive of my mold avoidance strategy, and has focused on healing my detoxification system while working with my sensitivities.  My body is literally transforming.

highly recommend Dr. Nelson to others suffering from chronic illness.

– Kim Goodwin

Listen to what these patients have to say below. If you would like to be part of the conversation, contact us today!

Jennifer (2012):

Listen as Jennifer talks about her weight loss results at Synergy Wellness Clinic with Dr. Steve Nelson.

Janice (2012)

Janice was experiencing fatigue and weight gain and discusses her experience with Dr. Steve Nelson at Synergy Wellness Clinic.

Hannah (2012)

After she watched her mother lose weight with Dr. Steve Nelson at Synergy Wellness Clinic, Hannah made the trip to California from Texas to see if she could get results. Listen as she discusses the results with weight loss and body contouring.

Alex (2012)

Alex discusses how Synergy Wellness Clinic and Dr. Steve Nelson have made her feel “magnificent.”

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