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Service Pricing at Synergy Wellness Clinic


Health Assessment and Treatment Pricing

In-Patient Doctor Consultation with Dr. Nelson

The initial 45 minute patient consultation is $125. Anything past that allotted time frame is $50 for every 15 minutes or a fraction there of. All your follow-up appointments will be $85. In this appointment, your medical case history will be discussed, blood work reviewed if you have it on hand, and applied kinesiology testing performed. Click here for additional information on applied kinesiology.

Remote Patient Treatment

The initial one hour on the phone is $125 and the follow-up consults will be 45-minute sessions at $85. We also have the ability to do Skype and Facebook video chat consults. We can order all blood work for you that you can get done at your local LabCorp. All your natural protocols will be drop-shipped to your door step.

Blood Work Labs

We can order any kind of blood, stool, and urine analysis that any hospital has available to them. Our complete chemistry panel and hormone panel cost $400 each. Most insurances do not cover these types of panels, so most doctors will not order what is truly necessary to do a thorough examination on your yearly checkup.

Asyra Health Assessment

A health assessment on our Asyra machine, and personalized homeopathics, is $75. Review more information on this technology here.

Zyto Health Scan

A Zyto health scan is followed by suggested natural protocol to address any issues detected. This is $70 per session. Review more information on this technology here.

Natural Medications

The exclusive supplements and European homeopathics that we prescribe to patients on a monthly basis can range from $250 to $600, depending on how ill the patient is. Some of the supplements that we prescribe are Biotics, Solutions 4, Physician’s Standard, Natural Creations Homeopathics, Pekana Homeopathics, Inflamyar Homeopathics, and Sanpharma Homeopathics, Ormed Homeopathics. Most of these are very hard to find online if you are general consumer they are exclusively sold to Doctors. More on homeopathy here.

In-Clinic Services

Detox Weight Loss Body Wrap$97
Designed to draw harmful chemical and yeast through the skin. The byproduct is weight loss and promotion of overall good health.

Detox Footbath  $50
Body detox from yeast, environmental toxins, and built up medications. For more information, click here.

Infrared Sauna $67
Promotes whole-body detox by encouraging circulation and nitric oxide production. Great for pain relief and weight loss. For more information on this technology, click here.

iLipo Cold Lazer  $120
A one hour session helps your body break down fats so you can shrink your waist size. Click here to learn more.

For all package deal pricing at Synergy Wellness Clinic and any other questions relating to our services, please give us a call.

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