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Pain Treatment Services in Palm Desert

At Synergy Wellness Clinic in Palm Desert, we see people with a lot of muscular skeletal pain issues such as herniated discs, bone-on-bone, and torn muscles. We treat these conditions by using technology that includes infrared saunas and Tesla machines to stimulate blood flow, strengthen ligaments, and regenerate nerves.

We also have qualified chiropractors, acupuncture and regular massage practitioners on staff to help relieve your pain. Dr. Nelson feels that the main reason people experience pain is due to poor diet creating an acidic environment in the body – and the following:

  • Inflammation due to hidden viruses, such as EBV, that have been in the body for years until they are reactivated
  • Lack of oxygen in the micro-arterial walls
  • Over-firing of the nervous system, among other peripheral issues

If you would like to learn more about our pain treatment services and schedule an appointment, contact us at Synergy Wellness Clinic!

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