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Treating Chronic Illnesses

There is no chronic illness that we have not seen here at Synergy Wellness Clinic in Palm Desert. We have helped people get better from organ failure, serious infections, mold toxicity and more:

  • Lyme Disease Co-Infections
  • Parasites
  • Late Stage Cancers
  • Adrenal Conditions
  • Steroid and Vaccine Damage
  • Late Stage Liver Failure
  • Various Anemias
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • CIRS
  • MCAS
  • MCS
  • SIBO
  • SIFO
  • Various Auto-Immune Conditions
  • Gastro Intestinal Conditions
  • Various Arterial and Heart Conditions
  • Various Brain Injuries and Chemical Imbalances
  • Various Endocrine system Conditions

We treat these conditions by first assessing their nature using blood chemistry panels, radionics machines such as Asyra, medical case history, and applied kinesiology.

To request more information about our chronic illness treatment, contact us at Synergy Wellness Clinic for an appointment today.

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